About Us

Fools Onion Catering was cooked up in 2002 by husband and wife team Lance Bailey and Kristine Kager. With a combined experience of three decades of professional food preparation, Lance and Kristine have blended their culinary talents and histories to form a dynamic and highly successful catering company.

The name “Fools Onion” germinated during a culinary excursion to Portland, OR. Kristine found the Trileleia Hyacinthina, AKA Fools Onion, in a book of native western flora on a return home trip. “Fools Onion,” a bulbous flower, was chosen as the company’s name to represent its uniqueness, whimsy, and dedication to the use of local products to which our company is committed.


Fools Onion Catering does not believe that having an event catered should be an exclusive privilege. Any catered event, be it a wedding, family gathering, business function or other personal or social activity reflects our passion to exceed the expectations of our clients while working within each individual budget. Fools Onion will work with you to create an event that you will be proud to offer to your family, friends or colleagues.

Fools Onion believes that we have a responsibility to our present and future community, environment, and generations. We practice this belief by sourcing many of our ingredients and products from local producers and purveyors. We are members of Sustainable Connections and are pledged both toward Zero Waste and have taken the Whatcom Watershed Business Pledge.