Fools Onion CateringThe food items included in the menus on this web site are prepared from scratch. The ingredients used to produce these menu items may be sourced locally and organically, when available and in season. Should you wish a menu produced solely organically and locally, the menu pricing will most likely be higher. Prices depend on final menu choices. Should you be working with a more limited budget, please contact us; we are able to work with our clients to create menus that can work within your budget. Menu pricing includes, preparation and presentation on either our platters or disposable ”to go” containers (platters).

• On site owner(s), $65.00 per hour
• On site wait staff, $27.50 per hour
• On site cooking staff, $27.50 per hour
• Travel time for deliveries longer than ½ hour, $15.00 per hour per individual staff member, including owners

Delivery charges (not including staff travel time):
• Deliveries within a 15 mile radius, FREE
• 15 – 25 mile radius $20.00
• 25 – 35 mile radius $30.00
• 35 – 45 mile radius $40.00
• 45 – 55 mile radius $50.00
• Deliveries beyond the 55 mile radius will be negotiated on an individual basis.


Should we coordinate the rentals needed for your event we charge a 15% handling fee. The cost to replace rentals that are lost, broken or ruined will be charged to the client, unless the ruination is the result of the actions of Fools Onion Catering or our staff.


Often basic planning and coordination of your wedding or event well be included in our basic per person price for your wedding or event. A planning/coordination fee will be charged should we be hired specifically to plan or coordinate your wedding or event or if the planning/coordination of your catered event becomes a major time component of the catering process. Should we feel that in the course of working the details of the catering of your wedding or event moves into planning or coordinating we will immediately contact you and discuss the situation.

Initial consultation is free!

Should Fools Onion be retained to plan/coordinate your wedding or event the fee is $50.00 per hour, charged in five minute increments. Should we be both planner/coordinator and caterer for your wedding or event there will be a 50% discount for the planning/coordination fee.

On Site definition: On site begins when the staff arrives at the site of your event. On site time is rounded either up or down to the nearest quarter of the hour increment.

Travel time definition: Travel time to your event begins when the staff leaves our catering production kitchen and ends at arrival at the event. Return travel time will be equal to the time taken to travel to your event unless there is a situation that greatly increases either the time taken to travel to or from your event that is not in our control. We will not charge for stops to take care of personal needs in excess of 15 minutes.

Fools Onion Catering issues the invoice for each event after the event has been completed. Should there be requests by our clients of us for services in excess of those discussed prior to the event; they will be added to the final invoiced amount. Alternatively if there are services that appear to be unnecessary to the successful completion of your event and the service is not performed it will not be charged. Estimates are just that…Estimates. The final invoiced amount will be based on the actual services performed.

Fools Onion Catering strongly recommends that our clients review the final invoice. Should you feel that a mistake has been made, please bring it to our attention.

Fools Onion Catering does not automatically add a gratuity or service fee to our invoiced amounts; we leave this decision to the discretion of our clients. Should you wish to include a gratuity, please let us know and we will discuss the best way to go about the process.

All pricing discussed in this pricing section and included in our menus are based on payments made by cash or check. We also accept payment by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Credit card payments require an additional 4% convenience fee.